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The objective of our research is to be able to carry out analysis based on good quality market intelligence a research
that looks at the bigger picture and not just at the numbers or data but also at the stories behind the numbers.

While we believe some of our research is proprietary information here is a list of selected research archived.

For more recent market commentary and unbiased assessment please do visit our Blog by clicking on the RSS Feed on
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Will China Revalue the RMB ?
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Retail Industry - Where does India Stand ?
Indonesia - What is different this time ?
A growing population of over 222 Million with a total GDP
of over US 233 Billion (based on 2004 figures) will always
be of significant importance to the Global Economy...
Is R&D the Way Forward for India ?
Recent data compiled by The National As sociation
of Software and Ser vi ces (al so known as Nasscom) ,
The Economi c Times Intelligence Group and other..