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The client relations team of the group keeps in regular communication on matters of interest to our audience and
partners through various news releases on private and publicly available channels.

A selection of current and archived news concerning Delamore & Owl group is listed below

Under Current News
Firms to make €10m available for short term loans to seafood sector | Undercurrent News - April 04, 2014
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Global Construction Review
GCR - Companies - Big Chinese contractor teams up with Indian firm to target infrastructure on the sub-continent - November 04, 2015  ... More>>
Delamore & Owl group makes a bid to acquire Argus January 19, 2016
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From DOWJONES Newswires
February 25, 2003 Antigua & Barbuda to launch debut bond with ABS Deal...
From Asset Securitization Report
March 3, 2003 Caribbean Antigua & Barbuda prepares maiden voyage to ABS
From DOWJONES Newswires
Nov 5, 2003 Kazakh Airport Securitization Could Set a Precedent..
From Reuters
Nov 6, 2003 Delamore & Owl plans a Bond backed by Almaty Airport Tax Receivables
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International Association of Business Leaders
Oct 28, 2003 CEO of Delamore nominated for Business Leader of the year award ...
From American Securitization News Report
June 24,2003 Investors Champion ASF .
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Infrastructure Projects in India
January 21, 2005 Indiatimes Medianet...
Retail Industry – Where do we stand?
October 2005, Retail Biz... More>>


R&D - Wave of the Future
March 2006, The Machinist .. More>>
Launch of HaveU.net Could Set a Precedent
October 2006, PR WEB... More>>


Hedge Funds Travel To Africa
October 6, 2006 .. More>>
British Investors Attend Forum Highlighting Taiwan's Financial Markets
August 29, 2006 ... More>>


150 Million Will Enter The Economy in The VIDIN Region
 August 8, 2007 .. More>>
Heuliez : Conenergy et Delamore & Owl confirment leur intérêt
May 25, 2010 ... More>>
From the Wall Street Journal
Some Fund Manager Praise Virtues of Collateralized Debt Obligation... More>>