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Transport & Logistic

About Us

Transport & Logistics are the engines that drive the world economy without which our civilisation and culture cannot possibly attain its current level of development. D&O Group acting through its global specialised subsidiaries has been at the centre of world's Transport and Logistic business over a number of decades. Today, we co-own various assets in emerging economies through which we provide Transport and Logistic services to individuals, governments, and corporations worldwide.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to be at the fore-front and to maintain leadership through establishing new strategic partnerships with specialised Transport and Logistic firms worldwide in view to extend our reach to new markets.

Our Strategy

• Acquire distress businesses with a view to turn them around within a realistic time frame
• Commit our resources and capital to re-invent the distress companies
• To play a leading role in transforming and re-structuring the current framework of the business
• Promoter of the business by creating new markets and growth for the business
• Keeping one step ahead and maintaining our clients and our partners leadership through enhancing our
• Working together with our clients and partners in order to compete efficiently is this even transforming business environment
• Creating Intelligent solutions through our commitment to working towards a long-term relationship with our clients and partners.