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About Us

Recognising the central role that energy plays in economic development and the extent to which it influences our daily lives , our group's interests to develop and deliver conventional energy and alternative energy projects have been at the cornerstone of our tenets to provide cleaner energy while minimising the environment footprint.

D&O group focus is on value creation through partnership with successful operating energy companies and structuring finance, acquisition or promoting projects and assets in the following energy category:

• Biomass plants,
• Bio Fuels,
• Geo Thermal,
• Hydro-power,
• Solar,
• Wind turbines,
• Oil and Natural Gas.

We own and co-own a number of assets in this sector, including an oil refinery . On electricity generation activities, our overall combined installed capacity is in excess of 300MW primarily in emerging economies.

Our Strategy

In assessing and evaluating opportunities, our criteria of interests are centred around:

• A sound business model carrying a sustainable competitive advantage
• A strong management with an exceptional entrepreneurs flair
• We exercise great risks prudency, therefore risk and alignment of interest are long-term in our outlook
• Our group and subsidiaries adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, good governance and transparency

Deal Structuring and Finance

We strive to enlist our co-investors along with industry buyers in view to structure funding adapted to the requirements core objectives, thereby providing a platform within which we can show case our outstanding deal structuring and finance skills.