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About Us

D&O Group acting through its subsidiaries holds interests in various manufacturing plants in Emerging Markets as well as developed markets. The group continues to explore and diversify its interest in the manufacturing sector of the economy around the world.

Some of the sectors of interests are:

• Auto industry,
• Aviation,
• Telecommunications,
• Renewable energies,
• Advanced Technologies,
• Among others.


We tend to work closely with privately held or family promoted companies that are looking for strategic partners who could help them grow their business sustainably by becoming the backbone of the company and also willing to travel the extra mile if and when required.

The group has also acquired distressed companies and assists in the capital growth requirements of the prospective clients.


D&O Group strategy has been developed specifically to take advantage of the market opportunities in both Emerging and developed economies.

• Advisory

• Identify areas of growth potential, in distress enterprises, and re-structure its business model in view to capitalise on its assets.

• Provide unparallel advisory services on assets acquisition approach, growth capital, and startups (Greenfield or Brownfield),

• Identify and establish synergic alliances with key players in view to increment foreign market penetrations.

• Capital

• Startups companies

• Growth capital for enterprises

• Startups enterprises with remarkable market and growth potentials.S