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About Us

Delamore & Owl Group acting through its subsidiaries has a proven track record of arranging and funding leasing deals for a wide range of integrated solutions. Our proven expertise and knowledge in understanding our global clients requirements enable us to structure creative financing solutions that usually surpass our clients' expectations.

Our Strategy

We work closely with our clients as partners to assess the fundamental credit risks combined with modern quantitative risks techniques that provide superior results achievable. Thereby enabling our partners a stable cash-flow, and a focus on their core business.

Our leasing service is designed to meet our clients' expectations in the following sectors:

• Aviation,
• Telecommunications,
• Medical Equipment,
• Automobile,
• Information Technology,
• Among others.

1. Advisory

• Our advice is geared to bring the best leasing finance options to our clients and partners
• Our intelligent finance options help our clients and partners to reduce major cost pressures
• We define a competitive edge in our clients and partners market of interest.
• Growth enhancement strategy enabling our clients and partners to meet the challenges of a competitive market.

2. Leasing Structure

• Up to 80% lease finance
We can achieve up to100% finance of your lease solutions

• Keep your Working Capital
Our financing structure enables our clients to retain cash for their operations thereby enhancing clients' cash-flow

• Flexible Payments
A fixed payment during the life of the agreement, therefore making your cash projection predictable and constant.

• Guarantee
A comprehensible range of payment guarantee options is available.

• Flexible Terms
Enabling our clients to adapt to the dynamics of the real whole events and opportunities for either early payment or payment re-structuring.