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About Us

The economical development of any nation is intricately related to its infrastructure development, D&O Group is proud to accompany government institutions worldwide to achieve their development goals through strategic infrastructure development covering a wide spectrum of key sectors such as:

• Social housing,
• Water sanitations,
• Road network, motorway,
• Urban city planning and development,
• Energy, renewable energy,
• Hospitals,
• Among others.


D&O Group is focused on committing its resources on public and private infrastructure project and supports its implementation through a refined and unique approach that delivers superior benefits both to our clients, co-investors and shareholders.

We also co-own various infrastructure related assets in many emerging markets.

Infrastructure projects by nature require medium to long term capital commitment and is not suited for promoters/ investors who are dependent on refinancing their investment in the secondary market as this leads to a mismatch. We at D&O group also play a lead or co –promoter role if and when required making sure the underlying infrastructure project attracts the right capital.


1. Advisory

• Government or private institutions projects by sector are fundamentally reviewed, in order to assess project’s cash-flow viability in the case of revenue generating projects

• Our expert team provides unbiased analysis of the funding deal structure for the project

• Constructive proposals are outlined in view to achieve a successfully implementation of the projects.

2. Investment in Infrastructure

• We aim to achieve optimum performance from the infrastructure assets developed and financed by the group. The projects are generally developed and financed through strategic partnership with government or private institutions and promoters in the Emerging Markets

• We strive to create a strategic partnership through which the project is funded, and implemented within budget and the time limit

• Key national infrastructure projects may be funded through participation of multilateral or bilateral agencies and also privately funded through D&O Group and its co-investors/ strategic partners.