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Financial Services

About Us

Delamore & Owl Group's financial services business is built with simplicity and sustainability at the core. And is based on a business model that adds real value and facilitate visible and measurable growth. The group's management believe that a vibrant, efficient and functional financial services sector is vital to the growth of the overall economy. We believe in innovative ideas that are simple and tailor made real solutions.

Our Strategy

Delamore & Owl Group of Companies' objectivity is global reach though its network of companies operating in over 30 countries worldwide. Our commitment to a relationship driven approach, that creates substantial value to our partners through innovation, flexibility and stability.

Our Vision

• Prioritising our partner's need
• Long-term relationship prospective
• Integrity and support at all times

Objective Advise

• Independent Advise free from any ties
• Recommendations based on tried and tested principles
• Best solutions are provided to specifically meet partners' expectation

Relationship driven

• With access to the emerging markets and global network of key industrials players that leverage local knowledge
• Experts advice from feasibility study to project implementation
• Service driven approach through highly experienced experts


• Thinking out of the box, to create a natural solution
• Insightful to create and provide a workable measure
• Experts tailor-made package which creates substantial values

D&O Group has unparalleled experience in providing access to finance across the capital market as a private investor.

Our key strategies are:

• Long term strategic partnership
• Reinventing our partners
• Providing access to finance internally or through our own network of partners

Delamore team provides the highest quality and integrated Project Finance advice and project execution expertise that encompass a broad spectrum of sectors. Our core sectors are infrastructures related projects, Renewal Energy, Waste Management, Water sanitation plants among others

Our strengths are:

• A comprehensive range of expertise across industry sectors
• In depth understanding of the markets we operate in through our various subsidiaries.
• Acting as a local player in the local markets.
• Key markets analysis and comprehension in which we operate
• Unique Advisory services designed to attain remarkable success

WE as private investors are active participant across Equities/debts markets.