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About Us

D&O Group through our subsidiaries and strategic partners provides our clients with unrivalled services through outstanding series of construction technologies in core product categories such as:

• Airports
• Road network and motorways
• Housing
• Power plants
• High-Tech facilities
• Skyscrapers
• Among others


OUR participation is generally through a consortium that includes of Advisory, Funding, Architects, Engineers, and Constructions partners for the implementation of projects.

Our Group has actively participated in a range of projects including of renewable energy, photovoltaic, wind power, airports, water sanitation among others.


We focus on establishing strategic partnership with our clients through which, we can develop, finance, and implement the desired construction projects.

  • Identity the right construction partner with a solid track record and expertise.
  • Strategic partners must adhere to a set of standard in the construction industry, therefore ensuring high quality results,
  • Construction completion bond is issued to the project owner, therefore ensuring that the project is completed at the time limit,
  • Adopting the financial model that makes the project cost effective, thereby providing maximum profit to the project owners.