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Retail & Trading

About Us

D&O Group has been promoting and supporting trade through creative Trade Finance structure covering a wide spectrum of sectors including but not limited to commodities, equipments among others.

Our Strategy

The Group's main focus is to create bespoke structure for every facility tailored to our clients' specific requirements, jurisdiction and the underlying transaction. Thereby providing short-term working capital or longer term funding solutions.

Our core values are:

• Integrity and ingenuity
• Key strategic partnerships and the right capital covering a wide range of commodities segments
• In depth expertise in each covered commodity market

Our Market strategies are:

• Providing a credit line facility up to 120 days or more to our clients
• Strategic partnerships through a joint venture resulting in profit sharing agreement
• Flexible repayment terms enabling our clients to optimise their cash-flow

Our services are:

• Product sourcing either through our own companies or our strategic partners
• Combined years of our traders expertise resulting in competitive pricing and prompt contract execution
• Comprehensive commodities market understanding

We structure trade finance and supply for a wide range of commodities some of which are outlined herein below:

• Sugar
• Rice
• Cement
• Fertilisers UREA 46, DAP etc.
• D2, AGO
• Crude Oil
• Wheat, Sunflower Seeds
• Barley
• Medical equipments & Drugs
• Industrial Chemicals Phosphoric acid
• Soda ash
• Methanol
• BIO Diesel
• Palm Crude Oil , Among others