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About Us

As well as being involved in Aircraft Lease Financing, our Group and its subsidiaries are also known for their active achievements in aviation industry such as:

• Aircraft cemetery
• Airline companies
• Advanced aircraft technology
• Aviation consulting
• Among others

Our aviation subsidiary has seen significant growth since its inception and now has acquired aircraft and helicopters with a value approaching USD 0.5 billion.


On the one hand, we aim at taking active participation in structuring finance for new aircraft acquisition, leasing, etc. and on the other hand, we seek strategic partnership through which we can commit our resources and growth capital for our clients and partners worldwide.

Our Strategy

• Commercial insight and strategic acquisition
• Fleet planning and financial modelling for a new or an existing airline
• Aviation Consulting services tailored to our clients and partners requirements
• Structure aviation projects ensuring that the projects are delivered to the highest standard
• Emphases on innovation and industriousness
• Management rethink, improvement through flexible and dynamic tactics.