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About Us

The sustainability of our planet will depend on our ability as human beings to create a food supply chain that could meet the increasing demand and feed the growing population of the world. D&O Group prides its self for being at forefront of bringing innovative yet simple ideas to the agriculture sector in the markets where it operates.

Our team of specialists has gained profound experiences in working with the farmers and project owners as well as sponsors to identify areas of growth potential and key markets opportunities in agro-industries.


  • Our approach is focused on unlocking the real growth potential of the agro sectors in difficult markets needing reforms. We work intimately with all the parties who have vested interest in developing the sector. Our team also works tirelessly on structuring finance and creating investable opportunities that encompasses a detailed market intelligence of the underlining agro commodity and its market share in the operating country as well as in the region and beyond.
  • The above resulting analysis will give way to a partnership and financing model best suited for the chosen country and market.
  • Our strategy is to create partnerships, in which we can add significant value to develop the underlining agro business, by committing our own resources and capital, and also to promote the business in markets with real growth potential.
  • We have directly financed and co-financed a number of agriculture projects in developed markets, as well in developing markets for both in public and private sectors.
  • Depending upon the project's requirement, our team after comprehensive analysis of the deal, will come up with a number of recommendations to the project owners outlining our desirable funding model which might include one or a combination of the following options:

    o A direct participation
    o Participation through Co-investors
    o Joint ventures
    o Act as an external promoter and advisor
    o Co sponsoring the underlying project

strategic partnership with our clients, through which we can develop and implement the project.


We strive to review and to provide sound detailed view on all projects submitted to our offices within a reasonable time limit. All projects must be submitted with the following information:

• Feasibility studies or Project preliminary report
• Depending upon the nature of the project, all relevant licenses, authorisations, mandatory documents, etc.


Where applicable we may require the promoters or sponsors of the project to cover our basic front end cost. This largely depends upon the nature of the project.