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About Us

Who we are:

The parent enterprise of 48 subsidiaries, the Delamore & Owl Group of Companies is a formidable privately held holding firm with an ever-increasing global reach and client base. Among its portfolio of clients are legions of government, nongovernment, and privately owned entities representing more than 30 nations in the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Delamore & Owl group (D&O) of companies is majority owned by its management the other shareholders of the group include of corporate, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals and family offices.

The group strives to meet the needs of any business that requests its assistance, thus culminating a broad range of services including financial and non financials. The Firm's complete library of businesses spreads across various sectors of the economy including aviation, agriculture and agro commodities, commodity trading, consultancy, construction, ICT, infrastructure, environment & energy, healthcare, financial services, mining, among others. In order to accommodate a seemingly boundless formation of clients, the Firm's associates are thoughtfully paired with suitable patrons and tailor each project to suit distinct needs.

As a result of the Delamore team's tireless fidelity to its businesses and customers, it has seen significant growth since 1956 and is highly regarded as an industry forerunner in some sectors of the economy.

The investment behavior of the group in some cases is of private equity in nature but our investment approach is based on finding synergies and adding value to businesses or projects on a medium to long term basis.

Delamore & Owl Group of Companies' objectivity is global reach though its network of companies operating directly in over 30 countries worldwide our commitment to a relationship driven approach which creates substantial value for our partners through tailored made simple innovative solutions that provides flexibility and sustainability in a complex and ever growing competitive global market place.

Our aim has been to deliver greater long-term financial prosperity and gains to our clients and partners by offering our global resources and expertise to suit their individual taste and needs in different markets around the world.

The group is making its contribution towards building the foundation for a healthy and sustainable global economy to help create a better tomorrow for all.

What we believe in:

• Growing through collaboration
• Partners are always a PRIORITY
• Building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships
• Maintaining Integrity at all times
• Generating visible & sustainable growth
• Providing unbiased & Independent Advise if and when required
• Create best solutions to specifically meet the requirement of businesses, projects and our partners
• Be ready to travel the extra mile for our partners by supporting them with all our resources and skills in the    markets we operate in
• Thinking out of the box
• Creating and adding real value
• Growing with our clients for a better tomorrow for all


We pride ourselves for creating the environment in which our employees are strongly encouraged to become shareholders in our group. Through this initiative, our employees now hold over 62% of the group and the remaining is held by corporate partners, financial institutions, high Net-worth individuals and family offices.

Financial Reports

Due to Delamore & Owl group's expansionary growth strategy through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, and the inherent complexities and time consuming endeavours arising to write a consolidated balance sheet thereof, the Board of Directors on the advice of the auditors, has decided to stop creating consolidated balance sheet for the group as of year 2003, but rather to focus on ensuring that each individually owned company activities are conducted according to international best accounting practice.

The total asset base of the group is just under Five billion United States Dollars as of end of year 2010.